Conferencing and Communication

Video Conferencing Solutions

Video conferencing is designed to increase the engagement of your staff, stakeholders and clients. 

Whether you require a system for remote communication with your team or clientele, our video conferencing solutions will provide maximum return on investment and engagement for your workplace. Our team of experts can design video conferencing solutions to suit your communication requirements, budget and existing landscape.

The development of the hybrid workplace

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a workplace model shift, one so quick there was no time to plan. The way staff work and collaborate has forever changed with workers scattered between offices, homes, and other remote locations.

As the hybrid workplace develops, agile companies are reimagining the tools, technology and collaboration solutions needed to advance their people, processes, and attitudes that will impact business performance and results for many years to come.

The digital workplace transformation that has taken years to develop escalated to a revolution in just months. With Microsoft Teams and Zoom now household names, creating an expectation by employees that all workplace technology should be accessible and easy-to-use.

The new normal – bridging the work place to the work space

Touch-free work environments are now the new normal with about 80 percent of workspaces expected to have video conferencing technology in place. Desks once overrun with migratory devices now have dedicated solutions for optimal meeting experiences, regardless of where the user works. Scalable and secure cloud services are everywhere.

This new digital transformation will continue to bridge the workplace to the workspace and empower people to collaborate efficiently and effectively from anywhere.

Improved collaboration and communication

At Serity, we design meeting spaces for mobility, scalability, and flexibility, taking into account the technologies that enable collaborative workflows across multiple work spaces. Our video conferencing installations create rooms that are safe and accessible for any participant. By integrating more sophisticated video conferencing equipment, home spaces can now mirror their high-tech headquarters seamlessly. Equality, collaboration and communication has never been so easy to achieve.

Faster connection

With Serity’s ability to automate nearly any scenario, a meeting or collaboration space transforms into a virtually touch-free environment. Using a combination of sensors, commands, and scheduling, a room can automatically “turn on,” and staff can launch into a presentation simply by walking into the room.
Chat to us today about installing a video conferencing system that is easy-to-deploy and easy-to-operate for impromptu meetings—onsite or virtually.

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